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  • The DJ Producer ‎– Metaphysical EP


    Oblivion Underground Recordings ‎– OBLIVION023

    A The Metaphysical Multiverse 7:33
    B Approach Phase (Enter Dimension) 6:45

  • Old Style E.P.


    Resurrection Records – RRR004

    A1. Distorted Dogs – Ouwestijl is Botergeil
    A2 Hyperactive-D & Eyetaxia – Rough Joint

    B1 Jack Fletcher vs Ruff ‘n Tuff – Exterminate
    B2 Endstation – Endstation



    Passionate Music Label – PML021

    A1 Masters Of Ceremony – Hardcore To Da Bone (Masters Of Ceremony Dope Mix) 0:04:48
    A2 General Noise – Inssomniak 0:05:18

    B1 The Viper – The Beat (DJ Attic & DJ Stylzz Remix) 0:04:59
    B2 Wicked on Wax – I’ll Rock Ya 0:03:44

  • Dr. Peacock ‎– The Doc’s Experiment – Proof 1


    Frenchcore Worldwide Recordings ‎– FWWLP02

    Thesis 1
    A1 –Dr. Peacock & Creeds & Helen Ka We Are All Sleeping
    A2 –Dr. Peacock & Steen (3) Trippi Naar De Klote
    A3 –Dr. Peacock & JKLL Warriors Of Valhalla
    B1 –Dr. Peacock & The Prophet Killing No More
    B2 –Dr. Peacock & Hélène Vogelsinger Cognitive Dissonance (Hard Version)
    B3 –Dr. Peacock & Mat Weasel & Neika Black Gold Edit

    Thesis 2
    C1 –Dr. Peacock & Mr. Ivex Voice Of The Void
    C2 –Dr. Peacock I Will Find You
    D1 –Dr. Peacock Swallow It
    D2 –Dr. Peacock & Hellcreator Untold Prophecy

  • 909 Junkies – 10 Years Of Brutality – Terror


    Street Trash Records – STR003

    A1. Verfickte Scheisskerle 4:52min
    A2. 20CM Du Ficksau 5:41min
    A3. R4M – 9 Inched Cunt Killer (Bonus Track) 4:49min

    B1. 909 Junkies & The Vizitor – The System 4:09min
    B2. I’ll Fucking Kill Him (Qualkommando RMX) 4:39min
    B3. I Cracked My Mothers Head 4:52min

  • Memoriez Flashback #11 – Most Wanted Retrohouse



    A1 –Catapila Void I Need You (Mr. Sam’s The Heart Of Trance Remix) 8:54
    A2 –Laguna (2) Unforgiven 7:55
    A3 –Tiësto* A Tear In The Open (Album Mix) 9:22
    B1 –Composure Celebrating People 6:58

  • Mokum Classixxx Volume 4 (Pre Order > Release May 2024)


    Mokum Records – MOK 299

    A1 DJ Dano & Liza n Liaz – Energy Boost (The Sin Project Remix) 5:01
    A2 DJ Dano & Liza ‘N’ Eliaz – Fireball (Formek Remixxx) 4:13
    B1 DJ Dano – Starting Up(2024 Remaster) 3:58
    B2 DJ Dano vs Fear Factory – T1000 (Wicked XXX Remixxx) 5:28

  • Gabber Dolls Compilation


    Dutch Gabber Network Records – DGNCD01

    Position Artists Title/Credits Duration
    1 –Gabber Dolls & Karate (4) Poxui
    2 –DJ Ad (2) In My DNA
    3 –Ferra Feat. Gabber Dolls Materia
    4 –ZazemZazem The Echoes
    5 –Didi Early Rave* Is That Real Love
    6 –Didi Early Rave* Feat. Gerard Pujol 2 Gabba Dolls
    7 –Gabber Dolls & Karate (4) Dancefloor Is Sky (DJ Ad & HardcoreZilla Remix)
    Remix – DJ Ad (2), HardcoreZilla
    8 –Karate (4) & HBKN Oldschool Hardcore
    9 –Oldskool Johnny Wildstyle
    10 –Ninetysix (2) Guilty Pleasure
    11 –SumixaM MaluM
    12 –SumixaM CaedeS
    13 –The Dope-X So What
    14 –Hardhead (2) Tu Tu Tu
    15 –Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs Ruffneck* Faster, Harder, Louder
    16 –Paul Elstak & Distortion* Motherfucker
    17 –Chosen Few Doomzday
    18 –Dione* Pain Till I Die

  • Middle M ‎– SIDELINED (Red)



    A1 Line
    A2 Halloside
    B1 Mathiside
    B2 Noside

  • Panic – Early Rave Addict (Pre Order > Release June)


    Passionate Music Label – PMLSTP004

    A1 – Panic – Early Rave Addict
    A2 – Crude Intentions & Panic & Alee – Take Me Higher

    B1 – Forze DJ Team – One to the Two
    B2 – Hard Creation – Dance 2 da house

  • Oldskool Johnny (Vinyl)


    OSJ Records – OSJ-LP01

    A1.Oldskool Johnny – Go To My Show 3:56
    A2.Oldskool Johnny – Brain Insane 3:55
    A3.Oldskool Johnny – I’m Gonna Diss You Right Now 04:20

    B1.Oldskool Johnny – My House 04:05
    B2.Oldskool Johnny – Long Distance Call 04:55
    B3.Oldskool Johnny – Only If I Had One 03:29

  • Calling The Hardcore – Volume 5


    Rave Radio Records ‎– CTH006

    Position Artists Title/Credits Duration
    A1 –Secret Squirrel Chek 4:57
    A2 –Tim Reaper Blisters 4:56
    B1 –Blade (12) Ruff As 6:00
    B2 –Jack Smooth Dark Places 6:32
    C1 –Try Unity Rave Xtream 5:36
    C2 –Z-Neo The Hardcore Plan 5:24
    D1 –Ricky Force Body Move 5:49
    D2 –Force Mass Motion I get Up (Forever) 6:07
    E1 –Coco Bryce I Took Your Weakness For Kindness 4:43
    E2 –Internal Dispute Magik Carpet 5:19
    F1 –Madcap (6) Trip To The Basement 5:00
    F2 –Beardy (3) Zombies 5:09

  • Neophyte Records – 25 Years Of Hardcore Legacy – Volume 1 (Pre Order > Release June)


    Introducing a new double vinyl: Neophyte Records – 25 Years Of Hardcore Legacy – Volume 1! A timeless journey through the decades of hardcore music that has left an indelible mark on the scene. This exclusive vinyl celebrates a quarter-century of Neophyte Records, taking you on a nostalgic trip back in time.

    🎶 A Musical Odyssey Across Decades:
Relive the evolution of hardcore as Neophyte Records presents a curated selection of tracks spanning all eras. From the iconic beats of the late ‘90s to the raw energy of the 2000s and beyond, this vinyl encapsulates the essence of hardcore.

    🎨 Special Artwork Design:
Immerse yourself in the visual spectacle of 25 Years Of Hardcore Legacy. The vinyl features specially commissioned covers that captures the spirit of each era, making it a collector’s item not just for the ears but for the eyes as well.

    🌟 Limited-Edition Collectors Item:
This vinyl is not just an album; it’s a piece of history. Limited to a select number of copies, this vinyl is a rare gem that will become a prized possession for hardcore enthusiasts and collectors.

    🎉 Anniversary Edition Celebration:
Join the celebration of Neophyte Records’ 25th anniversary with this special edition vinyl. Commemorate the legacy of one of the pioneering labels in the hardcore scene! Embrace the passion, dedication and innovation that has defined Neophyte Records over the years.

    Whether you’re a devoted hardcore fan, a collector or someone looking to rediscover the magic of hardcore through the ages, this vinyl is a must-have addition to your collection. Secure your copy now and become part of the enduring legacy of hardcore music!

    SIDE A
    Masters Of Ceremony – Rocking With The Best
    Evil Activities – MC’s And DJ’s
    Kasparov – Part Of The Project
    D-Fence – Krakaka

    SIDE B
    The Viper & Neophyte – Coming Home
    Hard Creation – I Will Have That Power (The Stunned Guys Remix)
    Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog – 911
    Nosferatu & Sefa – Killer Beat

    SIDE C
    Kasparov, System Shock & Revolter ft. Zwaargewicht – Poeder In Je Neusgat
    Tha Playah & Restrained – Let It Burn
    Neophyte & Nosferatu – Rubberduck
    Neophyte Records All Stars – Door Het Dak!

    SIDE D
    Furyan & Angerfist – HOAX
    Tha Playah – Controlled By Chaos
    D-Fence – Pompen
    Guerrillas – Can’t Stop Us Now

  • Auf Die Fresse EP


    ShitNGutz001 – SNG001

    A1. SNG – You Fucking Motherfucker (4:54 min)
    A2. SNG – Ich Möchte Tot Sein (4:36 min)

    B1. SNG – In Die Fresse Arschloch (4:25 min)
    B2. R4M & SNG – Scheiss Fotze (4:21 min)

  • Paranoiak Girl In Sola Black Hole EP


    Devil Core Recordings – DCR 06

    A1 – Gabba Core Team & Tec 9 – Paranoiak Girl
    A2 – Gabba Core Team & Hellcreator – Solar Circle
    B1 – Gabba Core Team – Gabba Line
    B2 – Gabba Core Team & Armaguet Nad – Birth of Light in a Black Hole

  • The Relic – ARK VI: Never Sleep Again


    Dark Descent

    A1 Crime Does Not Pay 05:24
    A2 Reborn As Dreamers 05:04
    A3 Voorstraat 247 02:05

    B1 Day Of The Lord 04:46
    B2 Wave Filter 03:34
    B3 The Devil’s Nightmare 04:08

  • Predator – Out Of Control (Purple Vinyl)


    Guillotine Recordings – GTRV004

    A1 Out Of Control (Original Mix)
    A2 Out Of Control (Peckerhead Remix)
    A3 MSG 4 Your People
    B1 Out Of Control (Nightshift Remix)
    B2 Syphon (Original Mix)

  • Predator – Out Of Control (Black Vinyl)


    Guillotine Recordings – GTRV004

    A1 Out Of Control (Original Mix)
    A2 Out Of Control (Peckerhead Remix)
    A3 MSG 4 Your People
    B1 Out Of Control (Nightshift Remix)
    B2 Syphon (Original Mix)

  • Fruity-6 – Sustainable Noises


    Dedicated To The Core – DTTC011

    All tracks from Fruity-6

    Logo side:
    What They Want: 3:38
    Balance Of Terror: 3:54
    Aloha Joe: 2:38

    Written Side:
    Recycled: 3:49
    Bombay: 3:48
    Tweak Freak Meets Glitch Bitch: 3:32

  • DJ Alex – Trail Blazin


    Point.44 Records – 4436-24

    A1 Break It Down Like This 05:04
    A2 Hardcore Rock N Roll 05:00
    B1 Nooit Meer Dansen 04:37
    B2 Trail Blazin 05:17

  • Belgian Bootlegs 1


    Belgian Bootlegs ‎– BB001

    A1 –Honey B Never Go Away (Extended Mix) 5:29
    A2 –You & I (10) Suitcase Stories (Sir-G & Dirrrty Dirk Extended Mix) 6:40

  • Disciples Of Annihilation ‎– Industrial Power ‘9d4


    Industrial Strength Records ‎– IS24-RP

    A1 Wanna Be A Gangsta 3:44
    A2 Zu Leiten 3:15
    B1 Ya Mutha 3:41
    B2 Dance With Me (Remix) 2:06
    B3 Chemical Warfare 4:02
    C1 Poisoned With Strychnine 5:05
    C2 My House 4:14
    D1 Upon The Power 4:06
    D2 Ya Mutha Part II (280bpm) 1:34
    D3 Hardcore Kidz 4:16